Bleached white VS natural Mongolian sheepskin, which is better.Some customers are confused about the Mongolian sheepskin rug bleached white and natural white when buying. They are pretty similar but some different. Bleached white VS natural white, what are you like? Which one is better for the market?Here is some differences

Tibet lambskin plate Natural Vs Bleached

Bleached white
Bleached white is the brightest of the whites. The sheepskin is bleached to get a whiter color than raw hides, but we use minimal bleaching to protect the softness of the sheepskin. The whitening effect on sheepskin’s wool can give a more pure optical impression.


Sheepskin Home -Tibet lamb plate bleach white

The Bleached white Mongolian sheepskin rug and pillow suit Minimalist and Classic styles. It has more visual impact. In our orders from customers, the bleached white has 40-50% Percentage in white color quantity. We also found the bleached Mongolian sheepskin rug as materials for furniture and clothing has more buying than natural white color.

Natural white
Natural white is the original sheep color, not whiter color. It’sIt’s more realistic to see the natural white, also called ivory or cream. The wool on Mongolian sheepskin was only cleaned, without any bleaching. Therefore, the natural white Mongolian sheepskin rug can bring you a natural, eco-friendly, comfortable, and sheepy feeling.

Sheepskin Home -Mongolian lamb

Sheepskin Home -Tibet lambskin plate Natural white

The natural white Mongolian sheepskin is the best choice for the nature style. It can be easier to put them in any space and room without consideration. It’s not visual impact like sunflower, Wine, or blue that you need to consider if these colors match my house, but natural white, you donut don’t. In each order, Natural white is the color you have to keep for your vendor. It’s an essential color in your order list.