Examples of Our Clients

Our standing as professional manufacturers of Mongolian/Tibet sheepskin fur products has been built on a good customer satisfaction record. We possess a mature and competitive marketing system that stretches from North America to Europe and Australia, and provides customers with efficient and speedy customer service besides varied solutions that suit the local markets and specific customer needs. Sheepskin Home takes pride in the clientele we have served, ranging from professional fur manufacturers to wholesalers and retailers, including, Auskin, Westelm, MIO and others.

Client Stories & Testimonials

Nora, Distributor, Germany

I was very happy to meet Peter. His carefulness and patience freed up a lot of my energy and made me more focused on my business. It all started with a sales email. Before, I always had a fixed supplier to supply raw materials for my Mongolian sheepskin pillows and rabbit skin products. However, since my products are positioned at the high-end of the market, there are many order details and quality requirements, which are quite complicated to make. The quality of my original supplier had been very unstable and the service efficiency too was not to my satisfaction.

Every time there was either a matching problem, a color difference problem, or a quantity problem and so on, and it took a lot of time to deal with the communication and confirmation of the supplier. After I received Peter’s email, I decided to give it a try, as I had too many suppliers contacting me, with each of them promising high quality and excellent service, but none of them actually delivering on their promises. After collaborating with Peter on a trial order, I realized he was all heart and soul! He mastered the details of my order, actively helped me communicate with the fabric and product accessories supplier, and remained constantly involved at every step, which saved me a lot of time and worry.

I really liked having an on-site employee to help me coordinate all aspects of my order. Till date, the quality of my orders has been very stable, and I have more time to devote to developing my market here, all thanks to Peter and your company’s attitude toward service.

Matt, Director, Canada

What I like most is Sheepskin Home’s attitude toward business and its ability to deal with quality issues. Even after so many years of working together, their quality control continues to remain extremely good, and is flexible enough to change as per the changing requirements of the market. With Sheepskin Home, I am able to control both the price and quality of my products, which gives me a great advantage in a competitive market. Price and quality are difficult elements to balance.

Although some suppliers promise to meet the standard in emails and communications, they fail to do so when it comes to the actual product, every time. I ordered for the first-quality Tibet sheepskin from them, but after each unpacking, there were always some issues with the order: it either partially met the requirements, or contained products of varying qualities or I received several orders with good quality sheepskins, but it didn’t take them long to have these problems rectified. When I first got to know about Sheepskin Home, I wondered whether such a company actually existed. Now with over 5 years of working with them, I’d like to state on record that Sheepskin Home handled all of my concerns regarding the quality levels and the manufacturing of goods, very well.

If, at times, inventory problems and seasonal sheepskin not being available to meet order requirements meant that they were unable to supply products of the same quality that was decided upon, they would sincerely inform me about the quality levels of the goods and inventory available with them so that I could make corresponding adjustments to my manufacturing plans. I appreciate their sincerity and consistent pursuit of quality.

Client’s Projects

Tibet sheepskin Rug Canada

Date: 18.03.2019 Country: Canada Items: Tibet sheepskin Rug 50X90CM /Tibet sheepskin cushions 40X40CM with Filling

Order quantity:Tibet sheepskin cushions 4000PCS/Tibet sheepskin Rug 1200PCS Total Cartons :350PCS

Packaging: 16PCS Tibet sheepskin cushions 40X40CM with filling per Cartons with Cushions labels/ Cartons Marks/Warning
12PCS Tibet sheepskin Rug 50X90CM per Cartons with Cushions labels/ Cartons Marks/Warning

Destination :Montreal Canada By Sea Port of loading :Shanghai

Tibet lamb cushions Sweden

Date: 22.11.2018 Country: Switzerland Items: Tibet sheepskin Cushions 40X40CM with Filling

Order quantity:Tibet sheepskin Cushions 1500PCS Total Cartons :125PCS

Packaging: 12PCS Tibet sheepskin Cushions 40X40CM with Filling per Cartons with Cushions labels/ Cartons Marks/Barcode Sticker

Destination :Gothenburg Sweden By Sea Port of loading :Tianjin