Color Swatches

A core range of colors are stocked and ready to meet your demands. Specific color and custom patterns are available only by special order. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) may apply. Tailor-made can be requested by designers


SHC01 Natural White

SHC02 Bleached white

SHC03 Coconut

SHC04 Wine

SHC05 Fawn

SHC06 Wheat

SHC07 Turquoise

SHC08 DarkSlateBlue

SHC09 Light SlateGray

SHC10 Gainsboro

SHC11 SlateGray

SHC12 Bone

Himalayan Goatskin

SHG01 Natural White

SHG02 Bleached White

SHG03 PeachPuff

SHG04 Wine

SHG05 Fawn

SHG06 Tan

SHG07 Turquoise

SHG08 DarkSlateBlue

SHG09 LightSlateGray

SHG10 Coin

SHG11 Gainsboro

SHG12 Bone

Tibetan & Mongolian

SH01 Natural White

SH02 Bleached white

SH03 Blush

SH04 Rose

SH05 PeachPuff

SH06 Coconut

SH07 PaleVioletRed

SH08 Ian

SH09 Red

SH10 Wine

SH11 Fawn

SH12 Tan

SH13 GoldEnrod

SH14 Gold

SH15 DeepSkyBlue

SH16 Charcoal

SH17 Turquoise

SH18 DarkSlateBlue

SH19 LightSlateGray

SH20 pecan

SH21 Brunette

SH22 Coin

SH23 Bone

SH24 Gainsboro

SH25 Silver

SH26 DarkGray

SH27 Beige with tip

SH28 Black

SH29 Grey with silver tip

SH30 Gray with black tip


SHR01 Natural white

SHR02 Bleached white

SHR03 PeachPuff

SHR04 Wine

SHR05 Fawn

SHR06 Wheat

SHR07 Turquoise

SHR08 DarkSlateBlue

SHR09 SlateGray

SHR10 Gainsboro

SHR11 SlateGray

SHR12 Bone

Australian sheepskin

SHA01 White

SHA02 PeachPuff

SHA03 Fawn

SHA04 Coconut

SHA05 Skyline

SHA06 Wine

SHA07 Coin

SHA08 DarkSlateBlue

SHA09 Gray

SHA10 lavender

SHA11 LightSlateGray