FAQs of Company & Service

1. Is your company trading or factory?

Both, our company have different business and the Sheepskin Home is a brand for Tibet sheepskin with Fur products. We have our own factory in the original place of Tibet lamb to make the natural sheepskins.

2. Where are you located?

Sheepskin Home is a factory specialized in Tibet sheepskin for 27 years. Our head office and showroom is located in Shanghai but the factory in the original place of Tibet sheep. We are open to the public and wholesale Monday to Friday.

3. Does your company provide after-sales service? What kind of after-sales service?

Absolutely. We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service. If you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us immediately. We will give you a satisfactory solution based on the condition of the goods. We are responsible for every order, and we understand that this kind of responsible attitude can make our customers feel confident in doing business with us.

4. How long does it take for me to receive a reply?

All questions within 12 hours and your urgent inquiry as responded immediately

5. What is your working time?

Our office is open from Monday – Friday 9 Am to 5 Pm in China but your urgent request will be responded at once.

Just let me know your requirements we will make a solution for you.

FAQs of Products

1. What is the difference between Mongolian sheep fur and Tibet sheep fur?

They are the same kind of sheep, with two different names.

2. Where do our Tibet/Mongolian sheepskins come from?

The Tibet sheepskin is sourced from the original area and they are free to pastures of free-roaming sheep. All skins are by production from the meat industry instead of the purpose of decoration. We have SGS report to prove the Tibet sheep is from natural farms which have ethically and environmentally responsibility.

3. Are your hides 100% natural?

Sure, Natural, The entire Sheepskin Home decor collection is produced from ethically sourced genuine hide by-products.

4. What is the minimum order quantity?

50PCS per color for the same item or total 200PCS for the same item

5. Do Tibet sheepskins contain harmful chemicals?

Our sheepskins are regularly tested to ensure that they do not contain harmful chemicals. Results cover such issues as pesticides, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.

6. Why are there bare patches without wool on the edge of my sheepskin rug?

These are areas on the skin that naturally do not have wool on them. We reduce these areas when we finally trim our skins but do not entirely remove them as they are part of what makes each sheepskin a unique natural product.

7. What certificate do you have?

We have an SGS report for animal welfare, BV factory reporting with ISO SO Quality System Identification and TUV certificate for products.

8. What is the packaging of the product?

Carton packaging with packing strap in a woven bag. We also can do the packaging as your request like carton marks with labels etc…

9. How much is the sample fee? How long does it take to sample?

We can send you a sample for free but the freight cost can’t be covered. All regular samples for 3 days, special customs samples for 7 days.

Yes, we support customization and you can put your logo on the products.

FAQs of Price & Quality

1. I want a quotation to provide what information? Do you have a product quotation form?

Yes, we have. Welcome.

2. How can you keep your prices and give me the best quality?

We have own tannery and the factory, family-run business with three generations of experience and knowledge.no third person involved. You are getting prime quality at direct from factory prices.

3. What is your payment term?

The TT by Wire before shipping is the way we always accept for the Bulk order with 30% deposited but we also understand your company payment regulation please let me know if you have any questions. PayPal can be available for samples.

4. Does your product support third-party testing, such as SGS, Intertek?

Yes, all third-party testing can be supported Just let me know your requirements.

5. How is your company’s quality control?

We have a professional QC Team that focuses on the control of each production process from the selection, tanning, dyeing, and lining of the original skin to the final inspection of the finished product. Also, Our QC team will inspect each detail and quality before shipping. We carefully control every aspect and strive to be your reliable supplier.” saving you more time to let you focus on your own business”

6. Will the products shed?

There is some loose wool in new products but this is not shedding after taking some time there will be no loose wool.

7. Will sheepskin fade in sunlight?

Like all natural materials, sheepskin rugs will change color if placed in direct sunlight. Sheepskins are difficult to dye and, as with other natural fibers, do not have the degree of colorfastness of some synthetic products.

FAQs of Shipping & Delivery

1. How much does Shipping cost?

Shipping fees vary depending on the total order dimension, weight and delivery destination. Please let me know your order quantity we will give you a final cost via our forwarder whom we work for years. We can combine shipping to save you on costs.

2. What is your Shipping method?

The DHL/UPS or TNT are always what we used for door to door. You will receive a mail about the tracking number when the order is dispatched to you. The Bulk order will be arranged for Sea and Air.

3. How is your Delivery time?

The delivery time usually takes 25 days to make. If your order is a custom or special rug, we’ll be in touch at all times to let you know your delivery, but we like to have them ready as soon as we can, For samples, the delivery is 3 days for dispatch.

FAQs of Care instruction

1. I received my rug and it has some creases and wrinkles. What should I do?

Your rug was folded for delivery. This means the leather has been “stressed” and created some folds and creases. Just open your brand new rug and install it at its new spot. All the creases will go away once the leather has been given some time to relax, and it WILL lay flat.

2. How can I take care of and store Tibet and goat sheepskin?

The Tibet sheepskin doesn’t need any special care or cleaning products. Just keep them in your normal cleaning routine; once in a while, you can simply give it a shake outside to remove dust. To remove any dirt or marks, vacuum the item or dry cleaning and a diluted hand detergent to spot clean with a damp cloth. Allow the product to dry naturally and do not use any cleaners or chemicals.

Please be careful to use your vacuum without any extra brushes attached, as this can tangle or ruin the hair. We suggest a weekly brushing of your sheepskin to remove dirt and fluff up the wool. Spot cleaning with a mild shampoo is fine for minor spills

We can do different colors for you. We are supporting Pantone color match service or color swatches you have.

We also can custom make any size for most items, and the price will depend on the measurements

FAQs of Colors

1. I like one of your colors in your dye to order a color chart. But, I do not want different colored tips. Can I request to dye the color without the different colored tips?

Yes, you can request the base color without the different colored tips. Please call or email us before ordering.

2. Why the color with white Tip is a bit different from your color chart.

Because of natural wool Character under the current technical situation. We can control the colors with white tips in acceptable range but we are not able to do a full-color matching degree for the colors with white Tip as synthetic products or other fur colors. If you have a high-quality standard on this kind of color we don’t recommend this color.

3. Can you do different colors or sizes?

We can do different colors for you. We are supporting Pantone color match service or color swatches you have.

We also can custom make any size for most items, and the price will depend on the measurements

FAQs of Customs

1. I have a photo, sketch, design, idea I’d like to have customized. Can you help me?

Yes, always. We love seeing new models come to life through you. Just send us your photo, sketch or idea and we’ll work on it.

2.Does your product support customization? Can I put my logo on the products?

Yes, we support customization and you can put your logo on the products. Just let me know your requirements we will make a solution for you.