Factory Tour

Raw Hide Tibet Lambskins Stock

Raw hides buying and sorting: Purchasing and selecting raw skins in order to ensure that the raw materials that will be used as inputs for the final products also meet necessary quality standards.

Airing & Drying Raw Tibet Lambskin

Airing skin: Airing raw Tibet lambskins to keep from rot for stock and to make it better to tan

Clean the Hair Side of Tibet Sheepskin

Tanning:Clean the flesh on the back of Tibet Mongolian sheepsin to make it smooth and the hair side of Tibet sheepskin and then tan the Tibet sheepskin into what we need.

Dyeing Colors

Dyeing, Dyeing Tibet lambskin into the colors we need

Stretching Finished Tibet Lambskin

Stretching,Stretching the finished Tibet/Mongolian sheepskin to make the skins bigger and wools in average smoothly

Trimming Tibet Sheepskin Animal Shape

Cutting,Cutting Tibet sheepskin into Tibet sheepskin pillows/Throw or finished décor products

Finished Tibet Lamb Products Stock

Warehouse Stocking and packaging the finished products for Air or Sea