Our Team Members

Caitlin Gu  

President & Partner

Caitlin Gu is our president of Sheepskin Home. She Joined our company in 2007, and served as managing partner, strategic direction and day-to-day operations. Under her leadership the Sheepskin home have a whole new meaning

Martha Qing

Accounting Director

Martha Harms joined Sheepskin Home as the Director of Financial Operations in early 2014. As Accounting Director, Martha oversees and manages the day-to-day financial of the firm. Her responsibilities include client invoicing and project budgeting.

Sarah Zhao 


As the markeing Director Sarah is repsonsible for helping Sheepskin Home grow through exciting new business opportunities. She closely with the marketing team to identify new avenues for growth.

Kate Zhang


Kate the Director of Operations for Sheepskin Home She has been a member of the firm since 2008 and currently responsible for internal operations. “What I like about the Sheepskin Home is the dedication to teamwork and working together. As a team, you can accomplish a lot more than going at something by yourself.”

James Zhang 


James brings over 10 years of experience in sheepskin shipping and warehouse and help us dispatch the shipment and stock our products. Because of him, we can complete every shipment with the best price and the fastest speed. We don’t have to worry so much about shipping.

Michael Ding 


Michael is production Director taken charge of factory. He has more than 30 years of Tibet sheepskin experience across a wholes sheepskin industry, including business and industrial service, manufacturing, distribution, purchasing. Our high quality products come from his team.

Kathy Hu

Production co-ordinator

Kathy is a part of the quality and production team. From production accessories, fabric, zippers to production schedule. Kathy has been trying her best to ensure every production details and co-ordinate every parts. bewteen factory and sales. Under her work she is like a bridge between sales and factories.

Leah Liu 

Customers Specialist

With 5 years experience in customers service Has been committed to providing a high level of service quality. During her five years at the company, customers have 100% trust in her services. She is an integral part of our team and we are proud to have such a teammate. “I know every day that I work with a diverse and talented group of individuals who are committed to providing excellent customer service to ensure our competitiveness.”

Jessica Wang

Customers Specialist

Providing amazing service for our clients is what Jessica does best. Jessica is the Customers Specialist with 3 years of experience in marketing and customers service in fur products. She assists clients to better finishing orders. Reviewing any troubles between production and customers, calling customers and resolving issues with workshop. Jessica is dedicated to providing excellent support for our customers

Our Team Activities

Sheepskin Home production Deparment Team


Team Playing Name: 2019 Sheepskin Home Team day each month – Production Team building

Team: Production department

Subject:Happy Farmhouse&Fun Plum blossom Kungfu

Sheepskin Home experiencing play


Team Playing Name: 2019 Sheepskin Home Team day each month – Sales and Accounting Team building

Team: Sales and Accounting department

Subject:Foreign cultural experience–American Indian Drum

Sheepskin Home parents-child campaign


Team Playing Name: 2018 Sheepskin Home Familiy Day – Parents-child campaign

Team: All Parents in departments

Subject:The Color Run

Sheepskin home Team Building


Team Playing Name: 2019 Sheepskin Home Spring Outing

Team: All departments

Subject:Fun game, hide-and-seek & Barbecue

Sheepskin Home Fair meeting In shanghai


Meeting: 2016 Canadian customer meeting in Shanghai

Subject:Meeting our old customer from Canada to discuss next sales season plan of production schedule and orders

Sheepskin Home Fair meeting In Canton


Meeting: 2011 USA customer meeting in Canton

Subject:Our Marketing Director,Sarah helped us get a important client from USA and from then we entered a new stage.

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