You will find many kinds of sheepskin in the sheepskin market like Australian sheepskin, shearling, or Mongolian sheepskin. Most people are well aware of the sheepskins. However, the sheepskin is not known well. The sheepskin looked the same but some different. What is the most popular or best selling in the market? Is the Mongolian sheepskin rug the best one? Here we compile a list of the famous sheepskin you often see in the market and a simple buying guide:

1.Australian sheepskin 

Australian sheepskin is what you often see In the market. It’s the most popular sheepskin. Sometimes the Australian sheepskin = sheepskin. When you buy a sheepskin, your first impression is Australian sheepskin. The price for Australian sheepskin is more reasonable, and the capacity for rawhides of Australian sheepskin is high. It can meet tremendous consumer demand globally, but the cost can stay stable.

Generally a larger size with a uniform shape. Australian skins typically have a higher wool density. The wool stays upright and straight but is very soft and comfortable when you touch it. It brings a soft look no matter where you put it. interior design, sitting, keeping warm, and décor It’s a good choice for you, so the Australian sheepskin is very popular with people


2.New Zealand Shearling sheepskin

It’s famous for these years. The shearling sheepskin and Australian sheepskin are from the same sheep but only different countries. The New Zealand shearling sheepskin has two different variants. Short wool and short curly wool.

The short wool is New Zealand shaved sheepskin that the sheepskin factory shaves the wool into what we need length. The curly wool is an original wool shape without shaving or ironing.

The short wool and short curly wool sheepskins have dense wool. This wool is solid, resistant to shed, and easier to clean. The shearling sheepskin brings a new style and can meet different demands that the long wool can’t meet. These years It’s more prevalent in home décor and interior.

New-Zealand-Shearling-sheepskin by


3.Iceland sheepskin 

It’s a new star sheepskin item, since 2015 popular from North Europe from the world. The Iceland sheep is Descended from sheep the Vikings brought to Iceland. Icelandic sheepskin is thicker, coarser, and 15-20cm long. The long Iceland sheepskin wool lays flat. Because of density, the wool can’t stay upright like Australian sheepskin.

Icelandic sheepskin has a wild, shaggy look, and the wool is like silk and comfortable. The most popular color for Iceland sheepskin is natural colors like brown with natural white or black spots. It’s nearly close to Nature and suits raw and Nordic.

Iceland sheepskin by 

Iceland sheepskin by


4.Mongolian sheepskin

Also, like Iceland sheepskin, the Mongolian sheepskin or Tibetan sheepskin was early popular in their country, widely used in clothing. Since 2014 Mongolian sheepskin has been more popular worldwide as home décor.

Unlike Australian sheepskin or Iceland sheepskin, the hair-on hides of Mongolian sheepskin are very soft. The wool has unique natural curly wool that is long, silk, and soft. The wool is between fur and wool. The Mongolian sheepskin is a good choice for Home décor. The fine curly wool can quickly bring a luxury style to your room.



5.Gotland Sheepskin

It’s not popular worldwide like Australian sheepskin, but in Europe, the Gotland sheepskin has excellent selling. This sheepskin from Gotland has a short, curly, and hard-wearing wool. It has a rare natural grey color, and no Gotland sheepskin look alike.

Gotland Sheepskin by

Gotland Sheepskin by

Each retail or sheepskin factory has a different product line to match market strategy or target customers. Choose what’s right for you, Do your best!