Spending 1 year to improve our website finally we meet you here.In the new updating we would like to introduce ourselves and sheepskin hides suppliers in various angle to let you know us more.Shorting our communication distance and building our first confidence to save more time for both business. Here is why you should choose us

Professional team

Sheepskin Home is a manufacturer specializing in the production of Tibetan lambskin pelt. Near 30 years of experience in sheepskin hides suppliers. We know how to meet your requirements. How to improve our products consistently and how to make a perfect Tibetan lambskin pelt. We believe a professional team support can keep our words,like QC before shipping that have firm thinking to control quality,Customers Specialist and Production co-ordinator that assure the products are what you need and you are easy to make and receive what you need.

Complete sheepskin product Lines

Not only Tibetan lambskin pelt products we also have Australian sheepskin, goat skin and Rabbit fur.You can buy them together from us but the prices are the best.

All we provide you is popular items or basic sheepskin product line. You can come here to buy all to save more cost and time.

Products of origin

All raw hides of Tibetan lambskin pelt is selected and produced in origin place and our factory also sits there so we have more advantage to control our quality and give you more competitive prices.As you know the raw hides are very important core of quality to decide sheepskin quality.

Excellent service

Sheepskin Home helps you customized Exclusive Products and fast effective service

24 hours to confirm the new creative idea for the products

48 hours to finish the fur products model

24 hours to finish hand-made sample

22 days to finish the bulk order production /packaging

10-15 days to finish the first testing production and certification approval

10 days for sample approval

Zero-to-One product development management

One-on-one free project feasibility consultation

One-on-one free costs evaluation

High efficiency and flexible operations

Fast delivery

Just contact us we will show you.