Tibetan & Mongolian Cushions

100% original Place Tibet sheepskin cushions

Tibetan & Mongolian Cushions is very comfortalbe and Luxuriously soft & beautifully. Their long, lustrous, naturally wavy hair offer soft and warm comfort. luxuriously soft to the touch, giving it the look and feel of a true statement piece. The Tibetan Lambskin cushions will add style and luxury to both traditional and contemporary decor. Arrange a few together to create the most sought-after seating in the house. Making a stunning addition for your favourite chair, sofa or bed.


100% original Place Tibet sheepskin cushions/Naturally hypo-allergenic and biodegradable
Pile height: 3-7 inches (8-17cm)
Size: Normal: (16X16”) 40X40CM     Medium: (18X18”) 45X45CM    Large: (20X20”) 50X50CM    lumbar: (12X20”) 30X50CM    Custom: Any sieze you need. Backing:Microsuede
Filling: Polyester
Color: we have our own colors in stock and ready to meet your request.Specific and Pantone color are available for speical order.
Minimum order quantity may apply. Tailor-made can be requested by designers.


A core range of colors are stocked and ready to meet your demands.
Specific color and custom patterns are available only by special order.
Minimum order quantity (MOQ) may apply.
Tailor-made can be requested by designers.


Only the finest Tibetan/Mongolian lambskin rugs we make for all furnishing wholesalers, department stores, furniture shops, retailers, interior designers, craftsmen and more. So, don’t get bothered! We are here to work with you, our valued customers! Feel free to throw us a request for price quote, a message about special made-to-order, or any question about our products.

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How to clean Tibetan / Mongolian Sheepskin?

Tibetan/Mongolian lambskin is obviously different from the Merino sheepskin. Their leather is much softer than the long wool rugs we carry. As long as you avoid using machine wash, the care and storage processes are same as long wool rugs. Click here to view