Tibetan/Mongolian Sheepskin Footstool

100% original Tibetan/mongolian Sheepskin Footstool

Mongolian Sheepskin Footstool beige tip
Mongolian Sheepskin Footstool black

Luxuriously soft with distinctive lush and fluffy long hair, making them a must have décor accessory for maximum luxurious comfort in nurseries, bedroom, living and theatre rooms. These stool are made from luxurous Tibetan sheepskin, sourced from the highlands of Tibet. The long, curly wool gives these stool covers fabulous visual and tactile appeal. Cloud-like to touch and with a truly wonderful drape.


100% original Tibet Sheepskin Footstool /Naturally hypo-allergenic and biodegradable
Pile height:3-7 inches (8-17cm)
Size: 17”(42CM) Height
Wood type:Pine
Filling of Chair:High Elastic Sponge
Chair Leg Color:Black/Beige/White
Wool Color:we have our own colors in stock and ready to meet your request.Specific and Pantone color are available for speical order.
Minimum order quantity may apply.

Mongolian Sheepskin Footstool size
Mongolian Sheepskin Footstool size that we can do you would like to


A core range of colors are stocked and ready to meet your demands.
Specific color and custom patterns are available only by special order.
Minimum order quantity (MOQ) may apply.
Tailor-made can be requested by designers.

mongolian sheepskin stool color swatch white
mongolian sheepskin stool color swatch wheat
mongolian sheepskin stool color swatch wine
mongolian sheepskin stool color swatch green
mongolian sheepskin stool color swatch blue
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Only the finest Tibetan/Mongolian lambskin rugs we make for all furnishing wholesalers, department stores, furniture shops, retailers, interior designers, craftsmen and more. So, don’t get bothered! We are here to work with you, our valued customers! Feel free to throw us a request for price quote, a message about special made-to-order, or any question about our products.

How to clean Tibetan / Mongolian Sheepskin?

Our Special crafted Tibet sheepskin rugs and cushions will give beauty and plush comfort to your home for many years when properly cared for. Tibet sheepskin products are easy to take care of. The natural sheepskin has a unique fiber structure that gives it durability and robustness. We would like to let you know a little secret about Tibet sheepskin or others keeps themselves clean.