Will Tibetan sheepskin or sheepskin fade in sunlight? This question is one of the most common questions we have ever seen for years, whether professional buyers or friends. Now I will tell the truth.

Yes, the Tibetan sheepskin or all sheepskin will fade in sunlight. Like most fabric and clothing, not only for sheepskins, you can also read care labels that show that you Don’t Avoid exposure to strong direct sunlight. Why does this? Aren’t my clothes expensive enough? Maybe it’s suitable for clothing but not for sheepskin or Natural materials.

Whether natural materials or synthetic fabric, the fade in sunlight is a technically challenging problem for both now synthetic fabric can solve this problem, but the cost is high.The care instruction also shows” not to exposure to strong direct sunlight.” so you will find the cheap clothing is faded so much in sunlight but expensive not much. It does not mean you can put expensive in sunlight. 

The fabric has the opportunity to improve this problem, but natural materials don’t even have. Why?

1. Light is the most crucial factor leading to the fading

By exposure to UV and visible light, the chromatin group of dyes reacts to photooxidation or photoreduction reaction, which leads to the fading of fabrics. In short, it’s oxidation.

2. The affinity of dyes to Tibetan sheepskin

Until now, there are no dyes that can reach colorfastness in sunlight. Some dyestuff has a strong colorfastness, but when you place it for a while, you will find where you put sheepskins on is dyed together. Why this? Because of the solid internal molecular force, dye aggregates are more likely to transfer energy to another.

Different fiber structure has a fixation rate of dyes. It’s tough to balance colorfastness and dyeing. Generally speaking, the color fastness of recycled cellulose (modal, Tencel, and viscose) textiles is better than natural fiber. The natural fiber is not suitable for chemical dyes. We need to take care of the natural properties of sheepskin materials like smooth, curled fur and the gloss of wool during dyeing. If we dye it firmly, the dyeing will make wool withered. Sot that’s why sheepskin hides suppliers or sheepskin factories can’t solve the problem entirely.

My Tibetan lambskin pelt has faded in the sunlight. Now how do I care about it? Sorry, it “s not a good idea to restore it as what you just bought, but the natural characteristics of sheepskin are not “faded.” For more information about care, click here