We believe you may have trouble cleaning your Tibetan sheepskin Rug or others’ sheepskin. You tried to google it, but you found so many instructions to teach you how to clean it. Different websites have different ways and are complicated. You may get confused more before washing.

Here we give you an easy way to learn how to clean Tibetan or other sheepskin like Australian or New Zealand sheepskin.

1. If you have had it for a long time, just want to clean it like a pair of shoes without severe stains, only dust. See below

Brushing it

Regular brushing can help keep sheepskin fluffy, soft, and clean but don’t be firm with a brush.

Shaking it

shaking sheepskin outside is a good choice for regular care and dust. You can give it a shake-out to remove dust. This Shaking will help maintain the wool fibers and renew soft luster and fluffy.

2. If the Tibetan sheepskin Rug has only some spot stains, 

Just clean areas with colors instead of the whole skin.

Washing your rug is the last resort. It can permanently alter your rug’s texture, size, and color. Please remember spot cleaning is an effective method for minor stains.

Please follow the below instruction:

Use a towel or similar absorbent material to clean up the area with little lukewarm warm water as best you can. Then use a mild cleaning agent or Special Sheepskin Shampoo with a gentle dabbing motion to the affected area until the spill has gone. Rinse with clean water being cautious not to soak the skin of the hide. Dry naturally away from any heat source, including sunlight. Massage and shade the sheepskin products to be fluffy and soft while drying.

3. If Tibet/Mongolian sheepskins have significant or severe stains, the Dry clean is better.

Suppose the sheepskin was serious wide stains like liquids, Juice, and coffee. We can easily clean the type of dust but for the liquids stains like other fabric. We recommend bringing your rug to a professional leather/sheepskin cleaner if this happens. Do not thoroughly wash Tibet sheepskin by hand or washing machine as per our experience. Because you didn’t have any professional operation to prevent shrinkage and wool appearance. As Skin shrinkage of 8% to 10%, wool characters will change, and the leather side may become stiff after washing if, without professional operation, the skins may not get back to when you bought

Essential Tips for Caring Tibet sheepskin

DO NOT tumble dry, DO NOT dry on a radiator, DO NOT use bleach or wash. These may cause irreversible damage.

If the sheepskin was wet, just put its air place out of direct sunlight.

That’s all! These points are enough for the problems you will meet. For more information, you can check this post