We were in the market of Tibetan lambskin pelt products for years and many customers asked me one question in Fair or mails do you kill Tibetan /Mongolian sheep only for their skins? That’s a good question and I realized I need to write an article to clear this question and let you know if we kill the sheep only for their fur. Why we don’t need to feed the sheep for the purpose of curly fur.

First, we are sure to answer the question. It’s not for their skins. The Tibetan sheep is not a rare species in the west of China. For hundreds of years, Tibetan sheep was widely raised in the west of China like other livestock. At the beginning of breeding Tibetan sheep, it’s only one purpose that meat food demand. We had the meat and then used the by-products of the Tibetan lambskin pelt to make clothing for warmth.

Here are 3 things to clarify

1. The main purpose of Tibetan sheep for meat demand

I think you should notice the sheepskins are more reasonable prices to buy, not like mink, Fox fur, etc… Compared with the demand for fur, the meat demand is bigger. Selling meat from sheep has more profit than skins and covers the feeding cost of skins which becomes a by-product. Selling sheepskin is an extra income for sheepherder, not the main income. If we breed them for their skins. The sheepskins you are buying are more expensive like mink, Fox, etc. Nobody eats, all cost needs to be afforded that the fur you bought includes all cost of breeding and profit for a sheepherder.

2. Selling price for Tibetan lambskin pelt

Do you buy a sheepskin at the same price as fox or mink? Not, the sheepskin is not worth So Tibetan sheepskin can’t be raised only for their fur. The value of the Tibetan lambskin pelt has been fixed by the market. You can’t accept a sheepskin price like Mink or fox.

3. By-product

The sheepskin for all sheep was extra, not the main income. As we said if we depend on the skins to take back all money we spent on breeding, labor cost how expensive we need to pay. If we can’t make rawhide skins to finished sheepskin or clothing, the sheepherder will throw raw sheepskin away. We feed them mainly for their meat instead of skins..

We wish there is no cruel treatment for an animal in the world. We are willing to provide ethically sourced by-products for our customers. This is also a protection.